Board and Honorary Members of the Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation Inc.

Robert Dent – President, Chair and Founder
Oregon State Police (Ret.)

Gary Dent – Vice President
President – Dent Investment Group

Dave Smith – 2nd Vice President
President of Dave Smith and Associates
Former Director of Training of Law Enforcement Television Network

Robert Maxwell – Board Member
Medal of Honor Recipient (WW II)
3rd Infantry Division, US Army

Captain Marvin Sparks – Board Member
United Airlines 747 Pilot (Ret.)

Kathy Dent – Secretary / Treasurer
Former V.P. of Constable Group, Inc.

Note: All Board members volunteer their time and do not receive any type of compensation. Our intent is to direct as much donor money to where it is intended…to help the families.


Vincent Bugliosi (in Memoriam)
Author of “Helter Skelter
Former Los Angeles prosecutor who convicted the Charles Manson Family

Joseph Holtslag
Supervisory Agent

Federal Bureau of Investigation (Ret.)

Lloyd & Lolita Clodfelter (in memoriam)
Parents of Senior Trooper Bret Clodfelter

Mandi Puckett – Executive Director
President of

Mike Lynch
Past President of U.S. Section, International Police Association

Nick Mileur
International Police Assoc., Region 29 (Sacramento, CA) (Ret.)
Lt. Placer County Sheriffs’ Dept. – Auburn, CA (Ret.)

Lorin Myring (Iwo Jima Veteran, 5th Marine Div. USMC)  In Memoriam
 Minneapolis, MN Police Department Detective (Ret.)

Ken Bauman
Assistant US Attorney, District of Oregon (Ret.)

Dr. Frank O’Hearn
Former Presidential and UN Interpreter

Dieter Waiblinger,
Director and President of Via Language Company
Former Director, World Trade Center School of Languages, Portland, OR

Chief of Police Jim Soules
Prineville, Oregon Police Department (Ret.)
Past President, Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police

Capt Larry Kanski
Redmond Oregon Police Department (Ret.)

Rick a Nissen CPA
President -. Nissen & Meyer, Redmond, Oregon

G. Alan Ferguson – (In Memoriam – Past Board Member)
U.S. Border Patrol Agent (Ret.)  R.I.P. Brother