“Barbara and I send greetings to all who have gathered to offer support for the Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation.

Each and every day of the year – and at every hour of the day — our Nation’s law enforcement officers walk the thin blue line, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives and the property of their fellow Americans. The nightly news reports remind us almost daily, about the risks and sacrifices that law enforcement officers accept for our sake.

Because news headlines, can too often belie the reality of human suffering, we must always remember, that each officer killed or wounded is a beloved son or daughter, a husband or wife, a sister or brother, a mother or father, or a friend.

Bob Dent and others are working to heighten awareness, not only of the risks and the responsibilities that law enforcement officers face each day, but also the debt that we owe to their families. They, too, are making enormous sacrifices for our sake and should always be remembered in our prayers and with gratitude in our hearts.

Barbara and I send our best wishes to Bob Dent, to Vincent Bugliosi, and to all who have come together to say “Thank You” to the law enforcement officers and their families in Bend, Oregon.”


George Bush
(Former U.S. President)