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Chris Cosgriff’s Officer Down Memorial Page
Excellent Site – The Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc., (ODMP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring America’s fallen law enforcement heroes. More than 20,000 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the United States and it is with great honor that the ODMP pays a lasting tribute to each of these officers by preserving their memories within its pages.  All who visit the ODMP will be deeply moved by the countless stories of selfless courage and heroism exhibited by officers who lost their lives while serving and protecting the citizens of this great nation.


This is an excellent site to find many schools that offer accredited criminal justice programs and degrees across the nation. Schools are listed by state in this very useful resource.
(Note: This is a non-profit site so please consider putting a link on your site to theirs).


An excellent blog that aims at helping the good guys and defeating the bad ones. It is mostly a blog that focuses on police use of force topics that include strategy, tactics, officer safety, defensive tactics, and training.

Police Poems

The Internet’s Largest Collection of Police Poems including a search engine designed to find that special poem. It is in memoriam to and special recognition of peace officers around the World.

Lt. Raymond Foster, L.A.P.D. (Ret.) provides a multitude of excellent online educational resources for criminal justice practitioners. His site is one of the best sites on the internet that is dedicated to improving policing and Criminal Justice through unique, practical and useful online education, training and resources.

Kaminsky and Associates, Inc.

Criminal Justice Training and Consulting

Kaminsky and Associates has been recognized as a leader in providing training in the Field Training Officer (FTO) concept since the mid 1970s.

Since that time, members of more than one thousand Criminal Justice organizations have attended Seminars conducted by Glenn Kaminsky and his staff of highly qualified instructors.

The company’s training courses provide up-to-date instruction to those assigned to train and evaluate the “new hire” and for persons responsible for developing, implementing, and managing FTO programs.

Glenn is a recognized, award winning expert in the areas of training, evaluation, and supervision, and management. He is well known for his presentation skills. He has appeared on radio and television. Additionally, he is an accomplished author and is in demand as a public speaker.

Glenn was the 2001 recipient of the Ed Nowicki Lifetime Achievement Award presented in February by the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET). This is not an award given annually and Glenn is the second-only individual to receive this honor.

International Police Association, United States Section
If you are a full-time, active-duty or retired peace officer, you are eligible and most welcome to join the International Police Association. As a member of IPA, you have nearly 9,600 members in the United States alone. Internationally, there are 270,000 potential hosts in 58 nations who will make you feel at home while treating you like a VIP. IPA members offer each other fantastic deals on food, lodging, transportation, tours and contacts with local police agencies. The price is very reasonable and you can join right now on line. Just click on the link above to join this outstanding organization. You will be glad you did, believe me.
NOTE: Recently the U.S. Section of the I.P.A. made a generous donation my non-profit foundation (The Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation) founded to assist families of slain police officers attend the National Police Officer’s Memorial Services and Grieving Seminars in Washington D.C. Please become a member of the I.P.A., a great organization that helps provide support to surviving police families and children left behind.

Robert Dent – Executive Director
Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.
(Oregon State Police Senior Trooper and an active I.P.A. Member)

U.S. Region 29 Northern California
(Nick Mileur & Mike Lynch will get you on board if you’re from Northern Cal.)

Stan Cook’s Hawaii Cop
Visit Stan Cook’s Site and learn how he has served his country.

Mayer Nudell Specialized Consulting Services

I highly recommend Mayer’s worldwide consulting and information services for travel security, crisis management and contingency planning, event security planning, terrorism, training and related matters, including the Travel Advisories Subscription Service. The business the professionals use. Please visit my friends site… very impressive.

Bob Dent – President
Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc.

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