Centratel Telephone Answering Service

The Highest Quality Telephone Answering Service in the United States

On this simply presented yet carefully engineered website, you won’t find photos of pretty girls with headsets, subjective promises of “we care more,” or marketing flash.  Instead, this site exactly reflects our bold, no-nonsense business objective: to provide the statistically highest quality telephone answering service in the United States.

We are also a proud supporter of the law enforcement profession and appreciate the efforts of the Constable Public Safety Memorial Foundation, Inc. of Bend, Oregon.


Security Experts – A Nationwide expert witness professional firm

Tatalovich & Associates is a full service security, investigation and consulting firm which wasfounded in 1968 as Tatt Companies International.

While most firms offer one or the other service, Tatalovich is unique in that our associates are both investigators and security experts.

They provide professional representation and specialized expertise encompassing a wide range of diverse services. We are committed to a thirty three year tradition of providing personalized service to achieve our client’s personal, business and corporate needs.

First Responders Handbook of Humor

Veteran Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Dan Jordan and Los Angeles City Fire Department Firefighter John Hicks have written a book (soon to be released) titled, “First Responders Handbook of Humor” which goes above and beyond the call of duty providing the foundation for stress relief. Not only was this book written by fellow first responders, it was also written in an easy to read and understand format, providing a valuable learning tool to deal with stress, less any psychobabble or legalese.
In this book, you will be provided with the necessary information to help balance out the stress in your life. Plus, you also will get the extra added bonus of enjoying the humorous stories and other fun things provided by first responders across the country.

Mayer Nudell’s Specialized Consulting Services
Mayer Nudell is a former U.S. diplomat and expert on the subject of political hostage-taking, terrorism, and crisis management. He held numerous positions at the Dept. of State, including two years in the Office of Counterterrorism and Emergency Planning, where he was responsible for Latin American and Middle Eastern matters and liaison with law enforcement, business, and intelligence communities. He has co-authored two acclaimed books that can be ordered online and are titled:

The Handbook for Effective Emergency and Crisis Management

No One A Neutral (Political Hostage Taking in the Modern World

I also highly recommend Mayer’s worldwide consulting and information services for travel security, crisis management and contingency planning, event security planning, terrorism, training and related matters, including the Travel Advisories Subscription Service, the Traveler’s World Threat Map, and the Upcoming Events Reminder Service. The business the professionals use. Please visit his homepage…it’s very impressive.

Bob Dent – President
Constable Group, Inc.

Dog Tags Direct
Military Style Dog Tags, Silencers and Chains
Wear your military ID Dog Tag while hunting, fishing, camping, and for all your outdoor and survival needs. Personalized Dog Tags can relay key medical conditions, medications, or allergies, even when you can not. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE – FLAT RATE SHIPPING FEES

Training Manuals in PowerPoint
Vector Consulting Group. The most flexible and comprehensive LE training programs on PowerPoint available today!

“I highly recommend Police Technology Consulting for any organization seeking advice on how to modernize and streamline their operations. The mission of P.C.T. is to assist public safety agencies in making more intelligent, efficient, and effective acquisitions of technology. This is done through their needs assessment, Bid Preparation and Advocacy with vendors and users.”
“I personally know Tim Dees, owner of P.C.T. and have found him to be the consummate professional. I have attended his training and read many of his published articles about modern public safety technology. His knowledge, expertise and work ethic is nothing short of magnificent. His state of the art consultant services and progressive innovative style have brought accolades from public safety trainers from around the world.”

Robert Dent – Pres.
Constable Group, Inc.

Be sure and visit Dr. Alexis Artwohl’s Survival Triangle Training site. “No person has done more to prepare the street cop to deal with critical incident stress and to understand its aftermath. She is responsible for saving the lives and marriages of many police officers. Her training and acclaimed book, “DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS” sets the standard for others to follow.”

Robert Dent, Oregon State Police, (Ret.)

Kidnapped and Hostage Program

Please visit my friend Bob Quaine’s Kidnapped and Hostage Program homepage to see what a difference one man can make in saving lives and helping our children. Be sure to pass the information on to everyone you know… it will make a difference.

Police One
Excellent Site – One of the Best on the Internet!

Mayer Nudell Specialized Consulting Services

Steven Robert Radus, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Public Accountant


They have reference code books in 15 states, and serve nearly 1/2 the officers in the US. I highly recommend their books. As an Oregon State Police Trooper, have used these excellent pocket books for years. Tell Bruce I sent you.

Tactical Intervention Specialists
Tactical Intervention Specialists is dedicated to providing the most up to date training and equipment for Precision Long Range Shooters. They offer only the best products available for the Shooting Professional.

Unique Police Specialty Gifts and Apparel

Jim Casey’s Police Guide
Great Site!

Jim’s website contains the World’s Largest Directory of Police / Fire Memorabilia Collectors, but that is not all. Here is every Police and Fire Museum known, Old Time Police Photos, Police / Fire Badge Images, and even a Restraint Collector’s Directory for those into Handcuffs, Leg Irons, and the Oregon Boot. A fascinating site with superb graphics you must see to believe. (If your looking for Police Products for Police, Fire & E.M.S. Professionals, it is here too and much more.)

Blue Line Tee’s The Largest Law Enforcement T-Shirt Site on the Web

Give them a try. You WILL be amazed by the stock they have on hand. They have over 2,500 variations of tactical T-shirts. If you wish to have your tactical tee customized with your department name, no extra charge. (The owner is a current police sergeant with 30 years of service).