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I highly recommend Mayer’s worldwide consulting and information services for travel security, crisis management and contingency planning, event security planning, terrorism, training and related matters, including the Travel Advisories Subscription Service. The business the professionals use. Please visit my friends site… very impressive.

Bob Dent – President Constable Group, Inc.

Laura Wilbur’s Spanish Steps Online

Looking for more information about learning Spanish for yourself, your family or friends? Visit for an array of instructional Spanish resources for professions such as teachers, school administrators, school bus drivers, pilots, flight attendants, airport security agents, farmers and more. These workbooks teach you Spanish targeted for YOUR profession and ONLY your profession.

Translation Services USA
If you are looking for a professional translation company, then you are in the right place. We will offer you full-range of translation services for all your localization needs in over 100 languages: document translation, website globalization, software localization and more!

Echolist Directory
The Echolist online directory features a massive wealth of information, news and links about a wide range of topics for your edification.

Kidnapped and Hostage Program
Please visit my friend Bob Quaine’s Kidnapped and Hostage Program homepage to see what a difference one man can make in saving lives and helping our children. Be sure to pass the information on to everyone you know… it will make a difference.

Police One
Excellent Site – One of the Best on the Internet!